Clarissa Receives Biology Undergraduate Research Award and Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award

In April, Clarissa received the Biology Undergraduate Research Award and the Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award from the Department of Biology! The Biology Undergraduate Research Award is given annually for the best research paper written by an undergraduate student, and the Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award is given annually to an undergraduate student participating in scientific research. Congratulations, Clarissa!

Image credit: Sandee Milhouse Photography.

Cat Awarded Scholarship for Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies

In April, Cat was awarded the Scholarship for Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies from the Department of Biology! This scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate or undergraduate student who is involved avian and wildlife research and research-related endeavors, such as habitat protection and development. Congratulations, Cat!

Image credit: Sandee Milhouse Photography.

Congratulations to our Spring 2019 Graduates!

Congratulations to undergraduate students Leanne Jossund, Cameron Logan, John Reinhart, Clarissa Ren, and Michael Vu, who graduated from Indiana University in May! All of us in the Demas lab are so proud of all you have accomplished, and we wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors!

Kat Awarded Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity (CTRD) NIH Predoctoral Fellowship

Kat was awarded a Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity (CTRD) NIH Predoctoral Fellowship for the 2019-2020 academic year! This fellowship is awarded annually by the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior (CISAB) at Indiana University to outstanding graduate students whose research focuses on the development, evolution, and/or expression of behaviors associated with reproduction in animal systems or humans. Congratulations, Kat!

For more information on the CTRD research training group at IU, visit their website here.

Kat, Sarah, and John Present at ABC 2019

This past weekend, Kat gave a talk and Sarah and John presented posters at the 2019 Animal Behavior Conference! This annual meeting is hosted by Indiana University’s own Center for the Integrative Study for Animal Behavior (CISAB). Way to go!

Clarissa Defends Senior Honors Thesis

Yesterday afternoon, Clarissa successfully defended her senior honors thesis! For her senior thesis project, Clarissa showed that sex-specific and seasonal changes in gut microbiome composition are associated with aggressive behavior in male and female hamsters. This presentation was the culmination of several years of research that Clarissa conducted in the Demas lab. Congratulations, Clarissa!

Kat Gives Oral Presentation at SICB 2019 and is Awarded Grant-in-Aid of Research

This past weekend, Kat presented her research and co-chaired a session at the 2019 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) annual meeting in Tampa, Florida! During her talk, Kat discussed her recent findings on the role of melatonin in mediating seasonal transitions in circulating androgen profiles and aggressive behavior in male Siberian hamsters. In addition, Kat was selected to receive a SICB Grant-in-Aid of Research, which provides supplemental funding for graduate students in support of their research in the fields of integrative and comparative biology. Congratulations, Kat!

Clarissa and Kristyn Publish Review in IU Journal of Undergraduate Research

Clarissa and Kristyn’s review on sexual dimorphism in the gut microbiome was recently published in the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research! In this review, Clarissa and Kristyn discuss how the composition of the gut microbiome and affiliated behaviors and health disorders differ between males and females and address the potential mechanisms that may underlie these sex differences.

A link to the manuscript can be found under the “Publications” page and can also be accessed here.

Image credit: University of California Los Angeles Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience.

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